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Hello and welcome, I am so glad you are here...



My name is Roz - Nutrition Coach and Registered Nurse - and I don't believe in diets or deprivation!


As your coach, I'm here to support, encourage and empower you to restore energy, balance your hormones, improve digestion and feel good in your body through simple, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle tweaks.



Does any of this sound familiar?....


  • You just wish you had a bit more energy.

  • You wonder what you are supposed to eat and are confused by all the contradicting information out there.

  • You are unhappy about your weight, feel uncomfortable in your body and no diet ever seems to work!

  • You have been recommended a dietary or lifestyle change that you haven't been able to implement.

  • You put everyone and everything else first and find it hard prioritising your own wellbeing.

  • You struggle with cravings and making healthy choices despite your best intentions.

  • P.M.S hijacks your brain and body once a month, wreaking havoc with your mood and energy.

  • You find yourself getting worked up and frustrated easily, snapping at your colleagues and loved ones.

  • You use coffee to get going and wine to stop again.

  • You feel unsupported and alone - it all seems too hard.

  • You often feel bloated and uncomfortable in the tummy.

  • You find yourself standing at the fridge staring in and wondering "What do I want?"

  • You wake up in the morning to the alarm thinking, "Here we go again!"

  • There is just no TIME to eat healthy!



A happier, healthier life is waiting for you to make a start.

Imagine this...

  • You have your 'spark' back, feeling energised even glowing.

  • You have learnt to ask yourself "Is this real? Is this nourishing me? Is this helping to create the best possible me?'

  • You feel good in your own body and know how to nourish it.

  • Your hormones are balanced and have a greater understanding of your natural cycles.

  • You know how to put together a nutritionally balanced meal that suits - YOU!

  • You feel empowered and better equipped to "crowd out" less nourishing foods.

  • When shopping you know what to be aware of, and how to stock the fridge and pantry with real food.

  • You feel enthusiasm to continue learning and sustaining these changes in your life.

  • You are now confident creating real food that is simple, delicious and budget friendly within a realistic time frame.

  • You posses new skills and strategies to deal with inevitable stresses modern life throws at us.

  • You wake up feeling ready for the day ahead.

  • Often you marvel at how far you have come by making these changes one step at a time.

So let's make this a reality...

Individual Nutrition Coaching


This individual coaching is designed for people who want to restore energy, feel good in their bodies, decrease stress and learn how to feed themselves and their loved ones delicious healthy food and live life to the fullest.


The result? Improved health and happiness for you and everyone who comes in contact with you a.k.a the ripple effect!


Sounds great does it work?


We will meet for one hour once a fortnight for 3 - 6 months.


"Can't we get this sorted in one session? Just  tell me what  to eat!"


Well, in my experience it takes time to make sustainable changes that are going to last. Shorter programs or one-off consultations rarely have this effect and often lead to you feeling like a failure, back at square one, thinking it is all too hard.


By working together over a longer period we can deal with any issues that come up over this time and really cement some positive changes into your life so that they become second nature. That is when real change occurs and things become easy.


We will work together to create a personalised coaching package for you based on your body, your lifestyle and your intentions.



This is unique and specific to you.


I understand that everyone is at a different stage on their health journey, you may be just starting out or be a seasoned traveler, I meet you where you are at.


 We work together to suss out why you've been struggling to implement your intentions and figure out ways around these roadblocks.


Step by step we will tweak your meals to become more nutrient-dense and suited to your body. This is a very individual thing as no one way of eating works for everyone. I will encourage you to experiment with your body and notice how you feel when you eat a particular way.


You will learn to tune into your body & listen to what it really needs.


We will investigate areas of your life, ways of eating and habits that are draining your energy and together we will implement changes to increase your vitality and restore your energy levels.



The best part of this coaching is that you will feel empowered, encouraged, inspired, supported and motivated to make it happen.


What are others saying?


" It's a massive relief to know that I will never be dieting again, but believing in my choices and respecting my body".  

" Thank you! Life-changing!"  Sam


" Tackling issues one small step at a time made it realistic to make the changes I need to. Roz is amazing, Very approachable and lives in the "real world". I never felt judged, so therefore I could be completely honest. Roz has a very kind caring manner and is very easy to talk to."  Rana


" I have more energy, I know how to eat to suit my body and I am excited to continue on this journey!"  Sara


" I feel more comfortable in my body, and know what I need to eat to give me energy".  Jill


" I knew what I needed to do, but Roz helped me to put it into action".  Stacey


" My P.M.S is basically non-existent and I am much more even-keeled now with a few basic changes to my diet." Jennifer


" My husband and I are now clearer about what foods suit us and we are now eating so much healthier as an entire family". John and Maria


So come on... let's do this!! 


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