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5 Ways to Tell your Brand Story Visually

You are passionate about your business, but your passion is just not translating online and getting the response you crave.

As superficial as it sounds, online media is mainly visual. So to communicate effectively, you kinda have to speak visually to your audience.

This means having a clear idea of your brand story and then know how to convey it effectively.

So… if you want the low down on how to do this… read on my friends!


Think colour.

What are the colours that resonate with your brand. Perhaps you have already had some branding work done? Stick to those colours when thinking about creating content. This will achieve a consistent cohesive feel throughout the brand. If the colour palette is changing periodically, then consider doing blocks of colours that change through-out the seasons.


Think mood

What kind of emotional response are you hoping to evoke in your viewer? Simple and clean? Fresh and vibrant? Warm and cosy? Rustic and Artisanal? Picking a mood and sticking to it will attract the right customer to you and enhance the brand identity making it stand out from the crowd.


Think production

If you are selling a product, it is essential that you convey to the customer visually, some of the ingredients and processes used in production.

It could be herbs, spices or fruit if it is a food product. You could highlight the hero ingredients in your skincare product. You could show raw products used in your art. The possibilities are endless.


Think people

Who are the people behind the scenes in your business? Who are the people who benefit from your business. Who are you?

Show some face! People relate to people and can connect with a brand when they know the faces behind it.

It might seem awkward at first, I know I don’t exactly relish posing pictures of myself, but it is an important part of building a brand story.


Think ethos

What is the fundamental ethos behind your brand. What other content can you share with your audience who may have similar values. Sharing your ethos helps customers resonate with you and gives them one more reason to support your business.

Once you’ve had a brainstorm around each of these areas I would recommend putting together a Pinterest Board that encompasses all of these ideas. Assembled together you will soon see an emerging visual story.

So you now have a good idea of what you would like your brand story to look like. The tricky part is putting it into action.

Apps such as Canva are particularly useful to create written content and promotional material for sharing online. Make sure you use colours and fonts that are consistent with your brand, and stick to them.

Don’t be afraid to share fun behind the scenes images or footage, but I believe this content is best shared in stories and not on your profile page. Keep your profile page like a portfolio of your brand identity.

Remember you don’t have to create all the visual content yourself. There is a plethora of images out there that you can purchase or use for free so you will find something to suit your brand.

But you will need to start taking some imagery yourself. I recommend downloading my e-book on unleveling your social media game. Just sign up to receive this free guide. But if this is too overwhelming, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional.

To see what working with a professional photographer and stylist could look like, check out my portfolio here and my packages here.

Good luck, have fun and let your creativity blossom.

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