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Banoffee Ice Pops

Hey, hey, hey everyone, summer is just around the corner and you'll be enjoying these yummy caramel banana ice pops in the sun before you know it.

Give these little babies a whirl, they are so delicious and free from all the chemicalized crap that goes into factory born ice cream.



(makes four)


  • 2 ripe bananas

  • 4 tablespoons almond butter

  • 6 Medjool dates (or use regular dried dates but unless you soak them you'll get little chewy brown bits of sweetness in your ice pop - actually that doesn't sound like such a bad thing after all does it ?!)

  • 1 1/2 cup coconut cream

To decorate...

50 g dark chocolate, melted



  1. Place all the ingredients into a blender, whizz up until smooth.

  2. Pour into ice block moulds.

  3. When frozen remove from moulds and drizzle with melted chocolate.

  4. Return to the freezer to set.

  5. Finally, find a nice warm sunny spot to sit and enjoy a bit of banoffee goodness!

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